Take11 provides an online service for cataloging videos, including DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, streaming video, and video tape.


1. Take11 will be permanently shutdown on 30 December 2016.

2. As of 19 Oct 2016, no new user accounts are being created. Current users can continue to use the site until 30 December 2016.

3. Before the shutdown, current users should use the Download Page to download the film data from their collections. After you login, the Download page can be reached from a link under "User Actions" on the Link Panel. Well before 30 Dec, please test that the download works for you.

4. Users with paid subscriptions in force as of 20 October 2016 will be refunded 15.00 USD for the last year of their subscription. The refund will be paid via PayPal, so please email Jim with your Take11 user name and your PayPal account name.

5. We have enjoyed building and maintaining the Take11 site and are grateful to those loyal users who have supported the site over the years.